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Indenture of Assignment between Charles Oakes of Tanworth gentleman of the 1st part, William Harding late of Hampton Lucy but then of Alveston esquire of the 2nd part, William Priest of Fillongley gentleman - Joseph Harding of Solihull gentleman (Assignees in Bankruptcy of Charles Henry Hunt) of the 3rd part, Charles Mills of Mansfield Street, Marylebone, Middlesex esquire of the 4th part and Sir Richard Carr Glynn baronet, an Alderman of the City of London of the 5th part. Reciting DR 38/1049 - DR 38/1054, and reciting an Indenture dated 10th November 1691 between Theretofore Stanton of one part and Sarah Stanton of the other part whereby Thomas Stanton granted to Sarah Stanton a term of 500 years in a moiety or half part of Blakon Farm (see DR 38/1020) as security for a loan of £280, and reciting that by certain mesne assignments etc. the property had become vested in Charles Henry Hunt, and reciting DR 38/1077, and reciting recitals contained in DR 38/1082, and reciting DR 38/1080, it was thereby witnessed that Charles Oakes in consideration of 10/- to him paid by William Harding, William Priest and Joseph Harding, and at their direction assigned to Sir Richard Carr Glynn two terms of 500 years in property described in DR 38/1052 - DR 38/1071 in trust to attend the inheritance of Charles Mills. Signed by the persons of the 1st, 2nd - 3rd parts. Red wax seal with letter Mentioned thereon. Witnessed by Thomas Mason of Coventry and Thomas Clements, clerk to Mr. Mason of Coventry.