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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 29th September 1790 between the Reverend John Hunt Rector of Welford, Gloucestershire (eldest son and heir at law of William Hunt late of Stratford-upon-Avon esquire) of the 1st part, Charles Oakes of Tamworth, esquire, Thomas Hunt and Henry Hunt of Tanworth aforesaid gentlemen (Devisees and Trustees under the Will of William Hunt aforesaid) of the 2nd part and Charles Henry Hunt of Stratford-upon-Avon esquire of the 3rd part. Reciting the Will of William Hunt dated 30th January 1767 whereby he devised (inter alia) to his brothers Charles Oakes, Thomas Hunt and Henry Hunt all his Manor of Wolverton and the hereditaments described in DR 38/1052 - DR 38/1071 in trust to pay an Annuity of £60 to his wife Catherine for her life in bar dower and of all her claims to his real and personal property (except the house in which she and the Testator then lived) and upon further trust to pay the remainder of the rents and profits of the said hereditaments to his children equally (except his eldest son) until the youngest child should attain 21 years and thereafter in trust to mortgage and raise the sum of £1000 and divide the same equally between his said children (except his eldest son), such share to be paid to each child upon attaining 21 years and after the death of his said wife upon trust to sell the said hereditaments giving his eldest son an option to purchase theretofore same, the proceeds to be divided among his children equally, and reciting that William Hunt having died, his Will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and that the said Trustees having taken into consideration the intention of the said Will had nevertheless found it necessary to sell the said hereditaments during the lifetime of Catherine widow of the said Testator, and that John Hunt, eldest son of the Testator had refused to purchase the said hereditaments, and that Charles Henry Hunt had agreed to purchase the same for £2400, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £2400 paid by Charles Henry Hunt to Charles Oakes, Thomas - Henry Hunt, they the said John Hunt, Charles Oakes, Thomas - Henry Hunt conveyed all the said hereditaments to Charles Henry Hunt and his heirs for ever subject to the payment of the said Annuity of £60 to Catherine Hunt. Signed John Hunt, Charles Oakes, Thomas Hunt and Henry Hunt. Red wax seal, a stag's head. Witnessed by W. Jem, Thomas Attwood, Joseph Harding and Samuel Oliver Hunt. Lease dated 28th September 1790 for one year of the same property by John Hunt, Charles Oakes, Thomas - Henry Hunt to Charles Henry Hunt. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.