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Deed poll under the hand of Richard Ballamye, recording a conveyance from the said Richard Ballamy of Tanworth joyner to Simon Archer and Thomas Archer of Tanworth gentlemen of the property described in no. 1602; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Signed : Richard Ballamye. Dated 2 February 42 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Andrew Archer, Thomas Warner scribe, John perkes, Nicholas terry, John Hunt. Circular seal of red wax, 1/2 in., a bird. Memorandum of livery of seisin 1 march 1599/1600, endorsed, witnesses: Andrew Archer, thomas Warner scribe, Robert Cooke, John Perkes, Nicholas Terry, ___ Hunt, John Hunt. Latin, parchment 22.25 x 6.25 ins.