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Lease from William Beesley of Tanworth husbandman to Edward Dickinson alias Fuester of Tanworth tayor of a messuage with one croft of 1/2 acre adjoining the same, a croft called Frame croft and other fields with 2 meadows at the end of the same called Fulwoodes, all in Tanworth in the tenure of the said William, excepting the great woods and timber and one upper chamber over the parlour of the said messuage with free entry and exit to the same; to hold from Lady Day [ 25 March] next for 7 years, rendering annually £7.6.8d, with one capon at Christmas, the said Edward being responsible for all dues and taxes on the said property. Signed: Edward Fuster. Dated 1 March 44 Elizabeth. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. English, parchment, 24 x 12 ins., indented.