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Lease from Thomas Smith of Lapworth yeoman to Richard Haselocke of Tanworth yeoman and Joan his wife of the nether part of the house then in the tenure of the said Richard and Joan, one kitchen, one maulthouse, one barn, one stable with a garden and 3 closes adjoining the said house in Tanworth, excepting the trees growing on the said land and right of entry and exit to fell the same; to hold for the lives of the said Richard and Joan, rendering annually £3 [2 terms] and one capon at Christmas, the said lessor to have the right of distraint after 14 days for non-payment or arrears of the said rent; the said Richard and Joan to have rights of tinsell and the said Thomas to pay the chief rent upon the said property; the said Richard and Joan to keep the said property in repair at their own cost and to pay all taxes and fifteenths upon the same; the said Thomas to provide sufficient rough timber on or within one mile of the said property for the said repairs. Signed : Thomas Smith. Dated 10 March 1 James I. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Memorandum, 29 March 1604, of livery of seisin, endorsed, witnesses: Thomas Warner scribe, Henry Wagstaffe, William Cockes. Endorsed: [contemp] At the coste the exec' of the sayd T.S. or his assignes. English, parchment, 20.25 x 9.25 ins., indented.