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Lease from Richard Kylcope alias Field of Birmingham yeoman to Henry Westcote of Solyhull yeoman for £20 of a pasture called Heathes in Tanworthe adjoining a lane called Gate Lane and abutting near to the highway from Henley to Birmingham; also a croft called Rudcrofte in Tanworthe on the other side of the lane called Gate Lane; also a croft called Prystes croft alias Lysterleys, lying beside the Fowre Ashes in Tanworth, all the said property being in the tenure of the said Richard Kylcope alias Field; to hold for 21 years, rendering annually £10 [2 terms] and 2 capons at Christmas; the lessors having the right of re-entry after 14 days; the said Henry was to have sufficient woods and underwoods for hedging and fencing the said property; and the said Richard was to clear the said property of bushes and thorns. Signed: Henry Westcote by mark. Dated 20 January 38 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Symons, Bartholomew Ashbye and Thomas Townsend. Seal of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [17th cent] The counterpayne of Henry Westcote leasse of the heathes. English, parchment, 19 x 10.25 ins., indented.