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Mortgage from John Shuckburgh of Over Shuckburgh esquire and Elizabeth Greswold of Tanworth, widow of Thomas Greswold of Tanworth gentleman deceased of the capital messuage called Clea Hall, Fullwood Hall or Fullwood Manor with all messuages and lands belonging to the same, formerly belonging to Thomas Greswold deceased and which the said Thomas had lately purchase from Robert Fullwood esquire, a messuage in Nuthurst called Bragge tenement with lands belonging to the same, late in the tenure of Joyce Fullwood, a messuage in Nuthurst with two pastures in the tenure of Thomas Woodhouse, 2 closes called Ruddinges, 2 meadows called Peaches meadows and a pasture called Peaches lying together in Nuthurst in the tenure of William Itchenor, a pastures in Nuthurst called Barres in the tenure of Frances Kemme widow, a messuage and lands in Tanworth in the tenure of William Beesley, all which property passed by the will of the said Thomas Greswold to the grantors [ see no. 1587] to secure £1,520; reciting; 1, 20 May 25 Elizabeth [1583] Lease from Joyce Fullwoode and Robert Fullwoode to Elinor Ichener, Edward Itchener and Richard Itchener of a pasture called the Peaches and a little meadow lying with the same with a meadow adjoining it called the Great Meadowe and one close called Ruddinges to hold for their lives; also the estate of the said Joyce Fullwood consisting of one tenement called Bragge tenement and certain lands, tenements, meadows and pastures in the tenure of the said Joyce and a tenement with certain lands, meadows and pastures in the tenure of William Beesley to hold for the life of the said Joyce. 2, 19 October 32 Elizabeth [1590] Lease from Robert Fullwoode to Frances Kemme, then wife of Richard Kemme, Richard Smyth of Ipsley and Rennie Bagot of one pasture called Barres in Nuthurst to hold for their lives rendering annually 33s. payable to the said Thomas Greswold, £5 payable to the said Joyce Fullwoode during her life and 13s. payable to ____Fenton, wife of _____Fenton, gentleman during her life. 3, Grants of woods and woodfalls made by the said John Shuckburgh and Elizabeth Greswold. 4, Lease to Thomas Woodfall, his wife and son of a tenement now in the tenure of the said Thomas to hold for their lives. 5. No. 1538 6, 28 September 35 Elizabeth Lease from Thomas Greswold to Joyce Fullwoode of one messuage called Bragge tenement and one messuage in Tanworth in the tenure of William Beesley, lands, meadows, closes, pastures, commons, commodities and profits pertaining to the said messuages in Tanworth, a pasture called Rough Peaches, a little meadow with the Great Meadow adjoining it and the close called Rudding to hold for 60 years or the life of the said Joyce at a peppercorn rent. Signed Elizabeth Griswold Dated 31 May 44 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Bennet Chuckburgh, William Layle, Anthony Langston, Thomas Aston, William Hopkins, Richard Robartes, Lancelot Sponer, Edward Smythe, Charles Shewell. 1, Tag for seal. 2, Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [contemp] Elizabeth Greswold, Executrix to Tho: Greswold' her bargayne and sale of Clea Hall to Thomas Spooner. Dated ultimo Maij 44 Eliz. English, parchment, 2 membranes, 32 x 16.5 and 32 x 12 ins. Indented.