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Bargain and sale from Thomas Waringe of Solihull, gentleman, and Charles Waringe his son and heir to Richard Archer of Tanworth gentleman for £110 of 2 pastures and 2 meadows lying together in Tanworth between a lake called Tottelmosse lake, the common heath, the land of John Gower esquire, the lands of John Betterton and the boundaries between Solihull and Tanworth on all sides, the said lands being called Highfieldes, late in the tenure of Katherine Bentford widow; to hold for ever freely except for the chief rent of 20d. and one lease of 15 July 13 Elizabeth [no. 1366], the rent from which was now to be paid to the said Richard. Signed: Thomas Waryng, Charles Waryng. Dated 1 March 41 Elizabeth . Witnesses, endorsed: George Averell, Andrew Archer, Thomas Warner scribe, Edward Benfford, Robert Cooke. 1, Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a rabbit passant. 2, tag for seal with traces of red wax. English, parchment, 20 x 16.75 ins. indented.