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Lease from Thomas Throckmorton of Coughton esquire and Agnes Throckmorton of More Hall widow to John Fullforde of Solihull' weaver, Joan his wife and Emote his daughter of a cottage, barn, garden and orchard with a close and a little meadow adjoining the same in Tonworthe near Salehurst, then in the tenure of Thomas Fullford the elder, weaver, excepting always oak, ash and crabtrees growing on the said property; to hold for the lives of the lessees, rendering annually 13s.4d. [2 terms] and heriot of 10s. when due; the said lessees to maintain and repair the said cottage, being allowed great timber for the same and also maintain the hedges, fences and mounds; the said lessees also to have hedgebote, fyrebote, gatebote and stylebote to be used in and on the said premises. Dated 30 August 2 James I. 3 tags for seals. Endorsed: [contemp] John Fulforde lease of his cottage at Salehurst in Tanworth He is to pye xiijs iiijd yearly for rent and xs for an heriot at every decease [Later 17th cent] now expired quere where the cottage neare Salehurst of John Fulford' lyes. English, parchment, 22.5 x 14 ins., indented.