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Copy of the probate copy of the will of Thomas Greswolde of Tanworth gentleman with the following bequests: 1, to his kinsman John Shukburghe esquire and his wife Elizabeth Greswolde the timber on his lands to fell, his manor and capital messuage of Claye Hall in Tanneworthe with messuages, lands, tenements, rents, services and hereditaments in Tanneworthe which he purchased of Robert Fullwood esquire in trust to sell, the profits, once his debts had been paid, to be divided equally among his younger children, Alice, Thomas, John Shuckburghe, Edward, Elizabeth, Dorothy and Bennett Greswolde when they reach the age of 21 or in the case of his daughters at 21 or at marriage; 2, all his lands and tenements in Solihull which he purchased of Thomas Dabscourte esquire, Henry Hickeford gentleman,____Atwood, William twittle, _____Woodwill, to the said Elizabeth his wife for the term of her life as jointure; after her death the said property to pass to the said Richard; 3, the remainder of his lands and tenements to the said Richard; with sundry minor financial bequests to friends and relatives. The said Elizabeth his wife and the said John Shuckburghe appointed executors. His father in law, Bennett Shuckburghe and his brother Henry Greswolde appointed overseers of the will. Proved at the Prerogative court of Canterbury, 16 March 1598/9 English, paper, 11 x 13.5 ins. 16 sheets.