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Bargain and sale from Richard Kilcuppe alias Field of Birmingham yeoman to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire for £200 of lands, leasowes, pastures and meadows called the Heathes in Tanworth lying between 2 lanes called Gated lane and Heath lane, lands called Warrens, lands of William Mounteford esquire and lands of the said Andrew Archer on all sides, also lands called Budcrofte in Tanworth between the highway leading from Henlie to Byrmingham, the lane called Heath Lane and a pasture of William Mounteford esquire called Blackfieldes on all sides; also lands called Lysterleyes otherwise known as Priestes croft in Tanworth lying between land called Coldaspus and the lands of the said Andrew called Waters, all this property being in the tenure of Henry Wescote [ see nos. 1590, 1592]; to hold for ever, the rent of the said Henry Wescote, £10, to be paid to the said Andrew for the term of the life of the said Henry. Signed: Richard Kilcuppe alias Field. Dated 30 May 41 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Warner scribe, Richard Lucas, Robert Cooke, Henry Chambers, John Parkes, Thomas Andreton. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in,. a peacock between the letters w y. English, parchment, 22.75 x 13 ins., indented.