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Lease from William Mounteforte of Kyneshurste esquire and Sir Edward Mounteforte his son and weir to John Brockehurste the elder of Tanworth yeoman, Alice his wife and Richard their son, reciting that the said John Brockehurste had erected certain buildings on part of the lands forming part of this lease, of certain lands, now divided into three parts, called Sladefyeldes and the mansion house and other buildings on the same in Tanworth near Illeshawe heath, lying between the lane leading from Solyhull towards Tanworth church, another lane called Cawsewey lane and the land of Henry Hunt called Marham on all sides; to hold for the lives of the said Alice, Henry and Richard Brockehurste, rendering annually £5.10s. and 2 capons at easter and paying also the chief rent of 5s.2d. annually and paying at the rate of 8d. for one whole tax when demanded by the Crown and heriot of the best beast when due; the said Alice, Henry and Richard to maintain and repair the said property at their own cost. Appointment of John Boulte and John Chamber, yeomen, attorneys to deliver seisin. Signed: William Mountffort, Edward Mountfort. Dated 23 March 1 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: John Mountfort, William Mountfort, John Jurdaine. 1, tag for seal with traces of red wax. 2, Fragments of red wax on tag. Memorandum of livery of seisin, endorsed, signed: John Boulte, John Chamber; witnesses: Robert Mathewes alias Attyne, Edward Dale, Anne Sytter. English, parchment, 24 x 11.75 ins., indented.