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Bargain and sale from Henry Huddesford of Rowington yeoman and Dorothy his wife to William Skynner of the same esquire and Anthony Skynner eldest son of the said William for £186.10s. of a messuage with an orchard in Tanworth, and a meadow called Wood meadow, now divided into several parcels, lying in length between the King's highway leading from Warwick towards Kinges norton and beneath the olde Parcke, and in breadth between the 2 woods called Earleswoods late in the tenure of John Cowper husband of the said Dorothy, deceased; to hold for ever freely except for the chief rent. [ see no. 1563 - 5] Signed: Henry Huddesford' by mark. Dated 10 October 38 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: W Fortesque, John Byrd, George Greene, William Huddesford scribe. 1, tag for seal with traces of red wax. 2, seal on tag sewn in paper bag. English, parchment, 19.75 x 11.5 ins., indented.