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Bargain and sale with warranty from William Corbett of Harbury butcher and Agnes Corbett and Alice Corbett, his sisters to John Browne of Tanworth weaver of a cottage with orchard and garden and one croft adjoining the same in Tanworth, lying between the land late of Robert Farre, the lane leading from Earles wood towards Henley, the land of Andrew Archer esquire called Charlecotegrove, which property was then in the possession of Margery Corbett widow, mother of the said William, Agnes and Alice, and which formerly belonged to the chantry of Tanworth known as the second chantry; to hold for ever from the Queen as of her manor of Eastgrenewiche in Kent, in fealty and free socage and not in chief; the said Margery to hold the said cottage and 10s. annual rent from the said lands during the term of her life; the said John to pay the chief rent. Signed: William Corbett by mark, Agnes Corbett by mark, Alice Corbett by mark. Witnesses, endorsed: William Powers, Thomas Warner scribe, Richard Chamber, Robert Cooke, John Parkes. 2 tags for seals with fragments of red wax and circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a mullet of 8 points. English, parchment, 23.5 x 12.5 ins., indented