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Lease from Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire to John Ingram of Tanworth husbandman and Agnes his wife of a messuage called Newland Farme with all buildings belonging to the same and a meadow in which the said messuage stands; one pasture called Budland near the said messuage; one pasture called Heathfield abutting on Burchie cross on the one corner and upon Hawkessawes cross at Budland stile on the other; one pasture called Sherondeshill with 2 selions of land in the common field called Henfield shooting on Carswell meadow; all the said property lying in Tanworth in the tenure of the said John Ingram, excepting always woods with free entry and exit to the same and game and all pools, waterpits, marlpits, fish and fishing in 2 pastures called Budland and Sherondeshill with free entry to fish, clear and stock the same; to hold for the lives of the said John and Agnes, rendering annually £11. 10s. [ 2 terms]; the said lease to be void for non-payment or arrears of the said rent 18 days after any of the said terms; the said John and Agnes to have howsebote, hedgebote and firebote to keep the said property in good repair and to return the same in good repair at the end of the said term; the said John and Agnes to preserve the coppice and hedges of the said property; the said John and Agnes to make suit of court at the manors of Umberslade and Monkspath or either of them when summoned and to pay 53s.4d heriot when due; when necessary the said John were to break the ice on the said pools to preserve the fish in frosty weather; the said John and Agnes to pay all tithes, chief rents and other dues on the said lands; the said John and Agnes were not to assign the same without the written permission of the said Andrew; after 2 crops had been taken from the said land, the said land must be manured before a third crop was grown and all dung on the said property was to be used on the same and not carted away. Signed: John Ingram by mark, Agnes Ingram by mark. Dated 10 December 41 Elizabeth. 1, Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1 in., 2, fragments of red wax on tag. Endorsed: Memorandum of livery of seisin, witnesses: Thomas Warner scribe, Thomas Higham, John Parkes, William Ingram, Henry Chambers. Memorandum that the said parties agreed that when the said Andrew was taxed 3s 4d for all his demesnes that the said John and Agnes should pay 4 d towards this. English, parchment, 19.75 x 11.75 ins.