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Lease from Hugh Pearcks, citizen and haberdasher of London to John Higham, citizen and blacksmith of London, and Jane his wife for £68 of a messuage called Woods in Woodend in Tanworth in the occupation of Richard parsonnes together with buildings, barns, stables, orchards, gardens and a pasture called Woods and one part of a pasture called Gorsleys lately divided into two parts and one meadow and a close adjoining the same called Wooten fields and Oke Files meadow, excepting the trees growing on the same which were reserved for the said Hugh; to hold from Lady Day next for 21 years, rendering annually 33s. 4 d. [ 2 terms], the said Hugh having the right of re-entry after 21 days for non-payment or arrears of the same; the said John and Jane were to pay the chief rent and to maintain and repair the said house and buildings, with the right to cut branches, thorns, brambles and lopps of oak for fencing and mounding the said lands; the said Hugh to have the right of entry and exit to fell timber at all convenient times and to have the first offer of any assignment of the said lease by the said John and Jane of the said property. Signed: Hugh Parks. Dated 1 August 41 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Andrew Archer, Thomas Warner, Robert Cooke, William Poole' mercer. Circular seal of red wax on tag. Memorandum, endorsed: 13 October 43 Elizabeth [1601] that the said John and Jane assigned the said lease to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire to hold the same for the remainder of the said term. Signed: John Higham, Jane Higham by mark. Witnesses: Simon Archer, Thomas Warner scribe, Thomas Brysco, Henry Chambers, Humphrey Higham. Endorsed:[contemp] Mr Parkes Lease of the house at Wood end to John Higham. English, parchment, 18.5 x 16 ins., indented.