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Lease from Sir Edward Mounteforte of Bescote, Staffordshire, knight, to Edmund Palmer of Tanworth yeoman and Frances his wife for £73 of a tenement with lands, leasowes, meadows, closes and pastures adjoining the same, and closes called Blackcroft, Holloway, Nethermouldes, Ouermouldes meadow, a tenement called Peaches with leasowes, meadows, closes and pastures belonging to the same, a close called Beggerscroft with a cottage lately built on the same, all this property lying in Tanworth, Nuthurst, and Bewdesert in the tenure of the said Edmund, excepting always 2 coppices called Willingtons groves and timber rights in the same; to hold for the lives of the said Edmund and Frances, rendering annually £3.6.8d. and suit of court at the manor house of Codborough. Signed: Edward Mountforte. Dated 26 December 1606. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Lane, Richard Leighe, Edward Newman, William Eyton, John Herbert, Richard Veale. Circular seal of red wax on rag, 3/4 in., a shield bendy. Memorandum, 20 January 1606/7, of livery of seisin, endorsed, witnesses: John Knight, William Knight, Henry Ritters, Kemme Bagot, Anne Knight. Delivered by Thomas Warner clerk, attorney of Sir Edward Mounteforte. Endorsed: [contemp] writings of the land late of Edward Mountfort late in Henry Leas holding. Lease for lives. English, parchment, 27 x 14.5 ins., indented.