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Lease from William Mountfort of Bescote, Staffordshire, esquire and Sir Edward Mountforte knight, his son and heir, to Richard Vernam of Tanworth yeoman of a tenement and Pages and 2 Closes and one meadow called Conyland in Tanworth then in the tenure of the said Richard, excepting trees on the said property and rights of entry and exit to fell and carry away the same; to hold for 40 years rendering annually £10.13.4d [2 terms] and 2 capons at Christmas. Signed: Richard Vernam Dated 30 March 6 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: John Rosse, John Jurden. Circular seal of red wax on tag. Endorsed:[contemp] Richard Vernams lease. English, parchment, 21.75 x 10.75 ins., indented.