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Quitclaim from John Sergeante, son and heir of John Sergeante of Kingsnorton, Worcestershire, yeoman to Edward Fyelde of Inckford in Kingsnorton yeoman and William Fyelde, son and heir of the said Edward, of lands called Stapletons, now divided into 4 parts lying in Tonworthe between land lately belonging to Andrew Archer esquire on the south and east, land of the said Edward and William Fyelde and land lately belonging to William Mounteford esquire on the north and the highway on the west, also a close called Stony croft containing about 6 acres in Tonworth lying between land lately belonging to Richard Hunt on the west, north and south and the highway there on the east. Signed: John Sargeant. Dated 19 May 6 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Greves, William Byssell, William Kettele, Henry Feeld. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. Latin, parchment, 15.75 x 7.5 ins.