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Lease from Andrew Archer esquire to John Dixon of Tanworth husbandman of a cottage, garden andcroft in Tanworth, in the tenure of the said John and a pasture and meadow then divided into 5 parts in Lodbrokes park in Tanworth, between a land called Foshawe lane to the east, a pasture and meadow called Beare Leyes and Beare meadow to the west and 2 pastures and a meadow called Hollynhurst, longe meadow and Woodes to the north and a green called Gilbertes green to the south, excepting timber rights, one moat within the said premises and entrance and exit to the same for ' clensing, castinge and fishinge.'; to hold for 60 years, rendering annually £14 [2 terms]. Signed: John Dickson. Dated 20 May 6 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Archer, Edmund Clarke and Edward Knight. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [contemp] John Dyxon lease of ye cottage parcel of Lodbroke Parke for 60 years. expired. in or neare Ladbrokes Parke betweene foshaw lane on ye east part and Beare meadow or Beare leys on ye west. English, parchment, 18 x 10 ins., indented.