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Lease from Richard Haselocke of Tanworth husbandman to Oliver Lawrence of the same husbandman for 30s. of the hall house and chamber over the hall with free passage to the same, the third part of a barn, a garden and an adjoining close with entry and exit from a lane in and through the highway leading between the barn and the dwelling house with a third of the fruit growing in the garden in Tanworth in the tenure of ___ Barker widow; to hold from Lady Day [25 March] next for 21 years, rendering annually 33s.4d. Signed: Richard Haselocke by mark. Dated 1 February 6 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Warner, John Bright, Thomas Smyth, Henry Cotterell. Circular seal of red wax through paper, 1/2 in., the letters T W within a decorated border. English, paper, 15.5 x 12 ins., indented.