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Attested copy of an exemplification by James I of the following: 1, Writ, dated 19 March 1 James I [1604], to introduce an Act of Parliament entitled 'An Act for the enabling of Thomas Throckmorton esquire to make sale of certain lands for the payment of his debts.' 2, The said act, dated 19 March 1 James I [1604], reciting a settlement of Sir Robert Throckmorton, father of the said Thomas, dated 10 January 22 Elizabeth [1580], of the manor of Tanworth and the manors of Hill and Thorndon, Worcestershire, with all messuages, cottages, mills, dovehouses, lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, woods, underwoods, waters, rents, reversions, services, courts and liberties pertaining to the said manors to be held in tail male, which property he is enabled to sell; reciting also the pledge of the manor of Weston Underwood, Berkshire, to cover certain bonds, which property contains a fine manor house and is of greater value than the said manors of Tanworth and which property he is enabled to entail in favour of his children. 3, Certificate, dated 13 July 2 James I [1604] from Thomas Smith knight, Clerk of Parliament, testifying that the above act was passed by both houses of Parliament and received the assent of the King. Dated at Westminster 17 July 2 James I. Witnesses to attestation, endorsed: Simon Archer, William Chamber. Latin and English, parchment, 14 x 15.75 ins.