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Attested copy of a lease from Thomas Brockhurst of Solihull husbandman and Edmund Brockhurst his son to Edmund Howes of Solihull gentleman of closes, pastures and meadows in Solihull and Tanworth called Deepwell grove, Fludygate meadow, Brod feild, Long meadow, and part of the Great Moates, lying between the land of the said Edmund Howes, the land formerly Mr Somervilles, the land of John Rosse, the land of Mr Wareing and a lane called Shelley green and also a messuage in the tenure of the said Thomas Brockhurst with all lands belonging to the same called Heathfield and Codborrowe croft in Tanworth and Solihull, all in the tenure of the said Thomas Brockhurst; to hold for 200 years rendering annually 12 d. Dated 10 October 14 James I. Witnesses: [for Thomas Brockhurst] William Newye, George Callowe, William Bate. Attested by: Towneshend Hereford, George Brocke, William Atwoode scribe. Endorsed: [ 17th cent] A lease to Tho: Brookhurst for land in Solihull. English, parchment, 15.25 x 11.25 ins.