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Deed poll under the hand of William Spooner recording a conveyance from the said William Spooner of Clea Hall in Tanworth gentleman to Simon Archer of Tanworth esquire of property described in no. 1826; the said William appointing Edward Bentford of Tanworth gentleman and William Chambers of Tanworth yeoman attorneys to deliver seisin. Signed: William Spooner. Dated 24 January 21 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: John Huggeforde, George Brocke, John Wagstaffe, William Collins, William Atwoode scribe. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a shield with helmet, crest and mantling. Endorsed:[ late 17th cent] William Spooner his grant of Clea Hall c to Sr Simon Archer, dated 22 January 21 Jacobi. English, parchment, 26 x 18 ins.