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Covenant to lead the uses of a recovery between William Spooner of Cleahall in Tanworth gentleman to John Huggeford of Henwood esquire and Henry Pigott of Walton upon Trent, Derbyshire, gentleman of the capital messuage called Clea Hall, Fullwood Hall or Fullwood manor with lands called Poole close or Poole Tayle closes adjoining the same in the tenure of William Hexstar, lands called Spynnells and Cowleasowe in the tenure of William Johnsons with a meadow called Greate Meadow in the tenure of the said William Johnsons, land called Corn close in the tenure of the said William Johnsons, a messuage in the tenure of Henry Greene alias Baker, lands called Brickhouse closes in Tanworth in the tenure of the said Henry with lands called the Wood in Tanworth and lands called Bakers close in Tanworth, lands called Foxholes in Tanworth and Nuthurst or in Tanworth and Hampton in Arden in the same tenures, 2 closes called Hobnell and Danyell in Tanworth, Hampton in Arden and Nuthurst in the same tenure, lands called Sislee fields and Lea Hill in Nuthurst and Hampton in Arden and in Tanworth and a meadow called Sumpill or Storepitt meadow in Tanworth and Nuthurst in the tenure of Thomas Lovett gentleman, all which property late belonged to Thomas Greswold who purchased the same from Robert Fulwood esquire; the said recovery to be to the use of the said William Spooner his heirs and assigns for ever. Signed: William Spooner. Dated 1 October 21 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: John Wightwick, John Penny, John Savage. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a head facing left. Endorsed: [contemp] William Spooners Deed of Covenant with Jo Huggeford Henry Piggott to suffer a comon recovery of Clea Hall etc. to ye use of ye said William Spooner his heirs. Dated 1 October 21 Jacobi. English, parchment, 26 x 16.75 ins., indented.