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Agreement between Sir Simon Archer of Tanworth knight, on the one part, at the request of Dame Anne his wife, and Sir Thomas Puckering of the Priory near Warwick knight and Bart. and John Wightwicke of the Inner Temple, London, esquire, on the other part, for the preferment of Anne and Penelope, daughters of the said Sir Simon, that the said dame Anne could bestow on the said Anne and Penelope all her money, jewels, plate and money due to her, if the said Sir Simon outlived the said Dame Anne, but if the said Anne the daughter was then unmarried the said Sir Simon would pay to the said Sir Thomas and John £2,000 for the same, when the said Anne, his daughter, reached the age of 18 years; the same to be void if the said Anne married without the consent of the said Simon, the said Simon and Dame Anne having the right to revoke this agreement and the agreement concerning the £2,00 also to be void if the said Anne the daughter died unmarried before the age of 18 years. Signed: [Simon] Archer. Dated 3 January 8 Charles I. Witnesses, endorsed: William Attwoode, Henry Wagstaffe, John ____, William____. English, parchment, 22.25 x 20.75 ins.