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Revocation by Sir Simon Archer of Tanworth knight and Sir Thomas Rous of Rouslench, Worcestershire, knight, formerly Thomas Rous esquire, and Richard Archer late of Neythrop in Banbury esquire of the uses of a covenant between the said parties and Sir James Enyon late of Ichington Priors knight, now deceased, formerly John Enyon esquire. [ see no. 1871] Signed : Simon Archer. Dated 24 August 23 Charles I. Witnesses, endorsed: Mathew Holbeche, Humphrey Archer, Robert Walter, Thomas Wyse, John Reynoldes. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., on a shield 3 barbed arrows pointing downwards. Endorsed: [contemp] The Dee of Revocation made by Sr Symon Archer on ye trust in Sr Thomas Rous. English, parchment, 30 x 16.25 ins., indented.