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Feoffment with warranty from Margery Roper of Kings Norton, Worcestershire, widow to Richard Greene of Kings Norton yeoman, William Austin of the same yeoman and Edward Field of the same yeoman of a messuage in Tanworth in the tenure of Henry Hyot, a cottage in Solihull in the tenure of [Thomas] Browne, a cottage in Tanworth in Tanworth in the tenure of Henry Fowler, with the houses and land belonging to the said messuages, a coppice in Tanworth called Shelfield coppice alias Kilcupp's coppice, a close called Wiberdes alias Tanworth Feilds alias Portwaye close, closes called Chesters Heath lying together in Tanworth and Solihull, closes called Juggins, Alchurch land and Warings croft lying together in Solihull, all of which are in the tenure of the said Margery, together with all other lands and reversions of the said Margery in Tanworth and Solihull; to hold to the use of the said Margery for her life, then to the use of John Roper, her eldest son and heir, for ever, excepting the close called Wyberds which was to be held to William Roper , her younger son, for ever. Appointment of the said Edward Field as attorney to deliver seisin. Signed Margery Roper by mark. Dated 22 February 1649. Witnesses, endorsed: Robert Askewe, Henry Shawe, Thomas Bakeson, Edward Feild. Memorandum of livery of seisin, endorsed, signed Edward Feild; witnesses: Robert Askewe, henry Shawe, Henry Hiott, Henry Frioler, William Smith. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a crown. English, parchment, 21 x 23 ins., indented.