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Tanworth c


Agreement between Sir Robert Naunton knight, Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries, and Sir Benjamin Rudyers knight, surveyor of the same liveries, on the one part, and Sir Simon Archer knight, son and heir of Andrew Archer esquire deceased, on the other; preparatory to the granting of a special livery to the said Simon of lands which he inherited from his father. Whereas the said Simon on the same day submitted a statement of all the lands and the value of the same, attached, which he wishes to receive from His Majesty by the special livery, should it later be proved that any lands were omitted or under-valued in the said statement, then His Majesty shall be satisfied for the yearly value of such lands from the death of the said Simon's father to the time of such discovery; and should the said Simon conceal any such information then he shall pay double the value. Attached: extent and valuation of all manors, messuages, lands and tenements of Andrew Archer, late of Tanworth esquire deceased, Monkespath, Umberslade, Tanworth, Nuthurst, Hampton in Arden, Botley, Wotton Wawen, Beaudesert, Packwood, Bishopton, Clopton, Stratford upon Avon, Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Knowle, all in Warwickshire, Herford, Woodhampton, Brihampton, Craston, Middleton, Herefordshire, Brecknock, Ashford and Huntington, Shropshire, which lands descended to Simon his son; Andrew died on 23 April 5 Charles I [1629], an inquisition was held at Warwick on 24 March 5 Charles I [1630] and the said Simon entered into possession 24 April 5 Charles I [1629]. Value: £118. Signed: Ben Rudyers. Dated 23 May 7 Charles I. 1, Tag for seal. 2, Seal of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [contemp] Livery after the death of Andrew Archer Esquire. English, parchment, 20 x 9.75 ins., indented. 25 x 7.5 ins., indented.