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Indenture of Assignment dated 31st March 1821 between Thomas Greenway then late of the Inner Temple but then of Penzance esquire of the 1st part, the Reverend Elias Webb of Sherbourne clerk of the 2nd part, Thomas Wilcox of Claverdon (Surviving Trustee of the Marriage Settlement of Elias Christian Webb) of the 3rd part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire of the 4th part and John Burton Philips of Heath House, Checkley, Staffordshire of the 5th part whereby an outstanding term of 100 years in property described in DR 38/361 DR 38/402 known as Briery Land was conveyed by Thomas Greenway (at the request of the parties of the 2nd 3rd parts to John Burton Philips in trust for Robert Philips to attend upon the inheritance (see DR 38/380). Signed Thomas Greenway, Elias Webb, Thomas Wilcox and Robert Philips. Seal a demi dragon?, mostly obliterated. Witnessed by K. Greenway G. Cattell Greenway solicitors Warwick, R. Skinner clerk to Messrs. Greenway and George D. John John Fox of Penzance, Cornwall.