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Settlement on the marriage of William Weigham of Knowle yeoman and Eleanor, daughter of Edward Collitt of Tanworth yeoman, being a conveyance from the said Edward Collitt to George Palmer of Solihull gentleman, Thomas Warner of Tanworth clerk and the said William Weigham, reciting an agreement of 3 May 1634 between Oliver Weigham, father of the said William, gentleman, the said Edward Collitt, the said George Palmer and the said Thomas Warner that the said Edward Collitt should give to the said William Weigham £200, £100 to be paid on the day of the said marriage and £100 to be paid within three months of the death of the said Edward Collitt, now to extinguish this charge, of a messuage in Tanworth in the tenure of Ambrose Jenckes with one close belonging to the same and 5 lands in Henfielde in Tanworth in the tenure of Thomas Normansell and a parcel of land in Henfield containing 6 lands in the tenure of Joyce Hunt with hades and meres; to hold to the use of the said Edward Collitt and Anne his wife for their lives, then to the use of the said William Weigham and Eleanor his wife and their lawful issue, or in default to the use of the lawful issue of the said Eleanor or in default to the rightful heirs of the said Edward Collitt for ever. Signed: Edward Collett. Dated 1 June 10 Charles I. Witnesses, endorsed: Richard Clarke, Margery Warner, John Chambers, William Jenckes. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a swan. Memorandum of livery of seisin, 17 June 10 Charles I. [1634], endorsed, witnesses: Ambrose Jenckes, Jane Jenckes, John Mathewes, Margery Jenckes. Endorsed: [ late 17th cent] Mr Wm. Millwards Deedes. English, parchment, 25 x 9.25 ins., indented.