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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated the 8th August 1772 between John Shelburn of Warwick yeoman of the 1st part, John Townsend of Snitterfield baker of the 2nd part and Francis Robbins of Lillington yeoman of the 3rd part whereby the Mortgage in property described in DR 38/407 for £103-14-0 was assigned by John Shelburn (at the direction of John Townsend Mortgagor) to Francis Robbins, and a further sum of £46-6-0 (making £150 in all) was advanced by Francis Robbins to John Townsend. Signed John Shelburn, John Townsend and Francis Robbins. Seal a Greek's head. Witnessed by Thomas Greenway, Richard Dyatt junior and William Hunt. Lease dated 7th August 1772 by John Shelburn and John Townsend of the same property to Francis Robbins for one year. Signed John Shelburn and John Townsend. Sealed as before. Witnessed by Thomas Greenway and Richard Dyatt junior.