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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated the 31st March 1821 between the Reverend Elias Webb clerk of Sherbourne and Christian his wife of the 1st part, Thomas Wilcox of Claverdon gentleman (surviving Trustee of the Marriage Settlement of the said Elias Christian Webb) of the 2nd part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire esquire of the 3rd part and George William Wood of Manchester, Lancashire esquire of the 4th part whereby all those lands known by the names of The First Longlands containing 10 acres, The Second Longlands containing 11 acres, 1 rood and 23 perches, The Third Longlands containing 10a-3r-21p, The Fourth Longlands and Spinney containing 9a-3r-30p, The Shoulder of Mutton otherwise Bushy Close containing 1a-2r-10p, The Upper Counsel containing 7a-3r-35p, The Lower Counsel containing 7a-3r-0p, The Slang containing 3a-0r-7p including the barn and yard thereon, Burnt Hill Close containing 10a-3r-37p, The Barn Close containing 11a-0r-8p, Little Hill Close containing 7a-0r-1p, Aston Meadow containing 12a-0r-2p, The Little Meadow below Counsel containing 2a-2r-11p and Lord Coventry's Meadow formerly called Lord Aston Meadow containing 8a-1r-10p, the whole containing 114a-1r-35p. All of which together with certain lands in Fulbrooke were called Briery Lands Farm and then were or late in the occupation of William Peate as tenant from year to year were conveyed to Robert Philips in consideration of £4363-6-0. Signed Elias Webb, Christian Webb, Thomas Wilcox and Robert Philips. Seals obliterated. Witnessed by K. Greenway, G. Cattell Greenway and R. Skinner clerk to Messrs. Greenway Solicitors Warwick. Lease dated 30th March 1821 by the Reverend Elias Webb to Robert Philips of the same property for one year. Signed and sealed as before. Witnessed by K. Geenway and G. Cattell Greenway.