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Feoffment with warranty from Edward Attwood of Studley husbandman and Edward Attwood his eldest son to Thomas Archer of Tanworth esquire for £4.10s. of a parcel of land on which a cottage formerly stood, now pulled down in Tanworth, adjoining the highway there called Munckespathstreet on the one side and butting on the land of the said Thomas Archer on all other sides of the same; to hold for ever. Signed: Edward Attwood by mark, Edward Attwood. Dated 5 August 16 Charles II. 2 circular seals of red wax on tags, 1/2 in., a cross. Memorandum of livery of seisin, endorsed, witnesses: John Fetherston, Thomas Parsons, John Biddell, Thomas Hyman, Humphrey Lea. English, parchment, 19 x 11.75 ins.