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Farnborough ?


Parties; 1, Thomas Archer of Tanworth esquire, son and heir of Sir Simon Archer knight deceased. 2,Ambrose Holbech of ? gentleman. 3, Richard Tompson of Horley, Oxon, gentleman. 4, Samuel Greene of Warwick gentleman. Assignment by the said Thomas Archer to Richard Tompson and Samuel Greene at the nomination of the said Ambrose Holbech of the judgement obtained by the said Thomas Archer in the court of the Exchequer against George Raleigh late of Farneborough esquire deceased for £1200 debts and suit to the use of the said Ambrose. Signed: Am: Holbech Dated 19 July 35 Charles II. 1683. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., defaced. Witnesses, endorsed: The mark of Grace Pitaway, Thomas Sanders. English, parchment, 24.5 x 7 ins., indented.