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Attested copy of a conveyance by lease and release from John Willsom of Aston in the Walls, Northamptonshire, son and heir of John Willsom of Fawsley, Northamptonshire, clerk deceased to Devereux Willsom, another of the sons of the said John Willsom deceased of a messuage called Black ford with lands adjoining the same, lying together between the land of Thomas Green, land late of Edward Bentford and a lane leading from Earles Wood towards Shirley Heath and another lane leading from Dickings Heath towards Shirley Heath on all sides; also 2 closes called High fields, 2 meadows called Highfields meadow and land called Cornell croft lying together between land late of Sir Simon Archer knight, land late of John Betterton, a lane leading from Distans alias Dickensheth towards Shirley Heath, another lane and one end of the said Shirley Heath; a close called the Pecocke lying between the land called Peacocke lane and 2 other lanes there; also 3 closes lying between Distons alias Dickensheth, the lane leading from this heath towards the highway to Covintry and another lane leading to Kings Norton, all being in Tanworth and late in the tenure of the said John Wilson deceased; to hold for ever. Dated 11 12 December 36 Charles II. Witnesses to attestation, 23 May 1715: J. Hall. Andrew Williams. Endorsed: [18th cent] Copy of Mr Willsons lease and release from his brother // and will. English, paper, 16 x 12 ins, 4 sheets.