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Mortgage from John Lea of Ladbroke Park in Tanworth yeoman to William Collins of Tanworth yeoman of a close called Portway leasow of 20 acres in Tanworth, late in the tenure of William Burbidge and then of the said John; to hold for 500 years to secure £30. Signed: John Lea. Dated 17 November 11 William III, 1699. Witnesses, endorsed: Richard Cole the younger, William Baynton. Circular seal of red wax applied on tag, 1/2 in., on a shield a chevron between three eagles' heads erased. Endorsed: [contemp] Receipt for £30. Signed John Lea. Witnesses: Richard Cole the younger, William Baynton. English, parchment, 30.75 x 22 ins., indented.