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Mortgage from Andrew Archer of Umberslade Hall in Tanworth esquire to John Wheeler of Woolaston Hall, Worcs, gentleman of a messuage called Newlands Farm with lands belonging to the same and several parcels of land called Home Meadow lane close, Midle Close, ? , Gibert Bird land, Little ? , Little Lane close, the nearest heath close, the nearest middle heath close, Coppice close, Middle Heath close, Heath close in Tanworth in Brownes Green in the tenure of Joseph Bissell the elder, bounded on the west by land of the said Andrew Archer in the tenure of Robert Malines, on the north by the highway leading from Tanworth to Saulter street, on the east by a coppice of the said Andrew Archer called Mathewes coppice and on the south by land of the said Andrew Archer in the tenure of the said Robert Malines; to hold for 500 years to secure £400. Signed: Andrew Archer. Dated 31 August 1699. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Tyrell, Richard Wheeler, John Wylde. Part of tag for seal. English, parchment, 28.75 x 23.75 ins., indented.