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Foeffment with warranty from William Weigham of Fillongley gentleman, Eleanor his wife, Oliver Weigham the younger, son and heir of the said William and Eleanor, Anne Collett of Tanworth widow of Edward Collett of Tanworth gentleman deceased, Arden Devereux of Tanworth gentleman and Anne his wife, the said Eleanor Weigham and Anne Devereux being 3 daughters of the said Edward Collett, to William Milward of Tanworth gentleman and John Milward of Beoley, Worcestershire, his natural brother for £109.12.6d. of a messuage with land belonging to the same near the town of Tanworth between the house late of John Mathewes the younger deceased, the land of Robert Adams, the land late of John Yoxall deceased and the street of Tanworth, late in the tenure of Margery Jenckes widow and Ambrose Jenckes deceased, also a little plot of ground lying between the garden of the late Joh Yoxall, the churchyard of Tanworth, the carthouse of Edmund Normansell and the street of Tanworth; a close of 6 acres taken from a field called Heanfield between the land of John Greene at the west end and the land of Sir Simon Archer on all other sides; also a parcel of land being 6 selions containing 3 acres, being part of another close lately taken out of Heanfield, lying between lands belonging to the said Sir Simon on both sides and butting to the east of Wignall meadow and to the west on lands of the said John Greene; also 4 selions in heanfield lying between lands of the said Sir Simon to the north, the glebe lands of the vicarage of Tanworth to the south and butting to the east on Boackmoor meadow; also 2 selions lying between a close of the said John Greene to the west, land of the said Sir Simon to the east and butting to the south on land late of Philip Field, all this land being in Tanworth, late in the tenure of Edmund Normansell; to hold from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary rents and services. Signed: William Weigham, Elianor Weigham, Oliver Weigham, Anne Collett by mark, Arden Devereux, Anne Devereux. Dated 1 October 1656. 5 Seals of red wax on tag. Memorandum of livery of seisin, 3 November 1656, endorsed, witnesses: John Chambers the elder, John Chambers the younger, Thomas Cotterell, Edward wagstaffe, John Thompson, Edmund Normansell, Margery Jenckes, Dorothy Jenckes. English, parchment, 29 x 24 ins., indented.