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Feoffment with warranty from Thomas Court of Beoley, Worcestershire, tanner, to Thomas Archer of Tanworth esquire for £40 of a close of acres acres taken from heanefeild, lying between the land then of John greene deceased at the west end and the land of Sir Simon Archer deceased now of the said Thomas Archer on all other sides; a parcel of 6 selions containing 3 acres being part of another close taken from Heanefeild, lying between lands of the said Sir Simon, now of the said Thomas Archer on both sides and butting to the east on Wignoll meadow and to the west on lands of the said John greene; also 4 selions in Heanefeild lying between land of the said Sir Simon, now of the said Thomas Archer to the north, the glebe lands of the vicarage of Tanworth to the south and butting to the east on Blackmore meadow, also 2 arable lands lying between a close of the said John Greene on the west, lands late of the said Sir Simon on the east and butting south on the land of the late Philip Feild deceased; all this land being in Tanworth in the tenure of John Bennett, late of Edmund Normansell, which land the said Thomas Court lately purchased from William Millward gentleman and John Millward, [ no.1921]; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for 16d chief rent and due and customary service. Signed: Thomas Courte. Dated 22 Charles II. Witnesses to signing and livery of seisin, endorsed: John Chambers, Thomas Hunt, Thomas Court of Tanworth, John Dickins, George Smith, John Bennet the tenant. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. Endorsed: Receipt for £20. Signed; Thomas Court. Witnesses: John Chambers, Thomas Hunt, Thomas Court, John Dickins, John Bennet. English, parchment, 26 x 10.75 ins., indented.