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Lease from Ann Sheppard of Great Rolewright, Oxon, then of Solihull, widow, to John Atkins of Tanworth yeoman of a messuage with lands belonging to the same and lands called the Square Field Grove, the Square Field Meadow, the Broome Close, Square Fields, the Gossy Close, Black Croft, the Over Barn Close, the Lower Barn Close, the Quarry Pitt Close, all which property lies in Tanworth and Nuthurst and were late in the tenure of Robert Ward and now of the said John Adkins as tenant to the said Ann Sheppard, with the right to dig stone out of the quarry pitt, with closes called Sandcroft, Wilkins Croft and Long Leasow lying in Nuthurst and Beldesart and were in the tenure of the said Robert Ward, excepting all timber, the said Ann Sheppard reserving the right of entry and exit and hunting rights; to hold from Lady Day next for 21 years, rendering annually £35 [2 terms] and rendering an extra 40s. for every acres converted into tillage. Signed: Anne Sheppard. Dated 24 February 16 George II. 1742. Witnesses: Mary Brooke, Anne Beaufay. Circular seal of black wax applied to parchment, 1/2 in., a lozenge. English, parchment, 35.5 x 25.5 ins., indented.