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Probate copy of the will, dated 1 March 1735/6, of Andrew Archer of Umberslade Hall esquire with the following bequests: 1, to his eldest son, Thomas Archer, all his books, printed and manuscript. 2, to his eldest daughter, Ann Archer, £6,000. 3, to his second daughter, Sarah Archer, £5,700. 4, to his youngest son, Daniel Archer, of whom he says ' by reason of his mean capacity I do believe him not capable to manage any estate in land or mony himself or to take any care or to make any provision for any wife or children that he may have' the income, not exceeding £100 and not less than £50, from lands in the tenure of George Rose the elder or George Rose the younger, lands in the tenure of Richard Rogers, land lately enclosed called the Reding, in the tenure of Thomas Reason, excepting the grove called Canoway wood and a coppice called Sally Coppice in the farm of the said George Rose in Claverdon to be held by his executors in trust for the said daniel, and if he marry with the consent of the said trustees for his wife and lawful issue after the death of the said Daniel. 5, to his brother, Thomas Archer £50. 6, to his son, Henry Archer, £50. 7, to the poor of Tanworth, Solihull, Henley and Claverdon, £10. 8, to his faithful servant, William Cummines, £20. 9, to his faithful servant John Corbet, £20. 10, to his eldest son, Thomas Archer esquire, the residue of his real and personal estate in Tanworth, Nuthurst and Claverdon, which are not already settled on him, ( marriage settlement recited, no 1991), in trust to sell as much as is necessary to pay the testators debts. 11, to his second son, Henry Archer, lands called Kinehills in Claverdon in the tenure of the Rev Mr Allenson of Claverdon adjoining the farm in the tenure of Burbidge of Claverdon, which said Burbudge farm he has already conveyed to the said Henry Archer; always providing that if the said Thomas Archer, brother of the said Andrew, shall bequeath his estate to the said Henry Archer as expected, the said Kinehills farm to his daughters, Ann and Sarah, to be equally divided between them, because ' I do still owe great sums of Mony which I borrowed upon account of purchasing the manor of Claverdon so that I cannot give my said daughters Ann Archer and Sarah Archer so good fortunes as I would do.' The said Thomas Archer, the testator's brother and the said Thomas and Henry Archer, the testator's sons, appointed executors. Signed: Andrew Archer. Proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 3 April 1742. Witnesses: John Corbit, Edward North, Thomas Minett. English, parchment, 27.75 x 24 ins. probate, 8 x 7.25 ins.