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Mortgage from Ann Sheppard of Olton End in Solyhull widow to Major-General Thomas Wentworth of St James', Westminster, of a messuage in Tanworth formerly in the tenure of Thomas Cranmore, 4 closes called Black Croft, Hollow Way, Over Moulds and Neither Moulds in Tanworth, a close called Stone Pitt feild, a close on which there once stood a messuage called Peaches in Nuthurst and Knowle with land beloning to the same formerly in the tenure of Henry Lea, then of Jane Court and then of the said Thomas Cranmore, 3 closes formerly called Well Closes in Nuthurst, Knowle and Budesart, since divided into 4 closes formerly called Sandy Croft, the Nether Close, the Long Close and Little Pingle, formerly in the tenure of the said Henry Lea and then of John Morteboys, a croft called Beggars Croft on which a cottage formerly stood in Tanworth formerly in the tenure of Robert Haycock and now in the tenure of Mary Arnold widow and all other lands of the said Ann Sheppard in Tanworth which descended to her from Thomas Doley her late father; for 500 years to secure £600. Signed: Ann Sheppard. Dated 26 October 17 George II. 1743. Witnesses, endorsed: Alice Cox, Henry Giles the younger. Circular seal of red wax applied to parchment, 1/2 in., a dragon's head. English, parchment, 32.5 x 22 ins., indented.