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Bargain and sale from Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire to John Wake and John Freemen of Stratford upon Avon joiners for £190 of a parcel of timber growing in Stubbe grove in Tanworth in the tenure of John Black, being 215 trees all marked and figured with a black lead pensill'; to have the right to work the same from this date until 9 September 1695; the said John Wake and John Freemen to have the right to make sawpits on the same but are to fill up the same at the end of the said term. Signed: John Wake, John Freemen. Dated 9 April 1694. Witness: Thomas Sanders. 2 seals of red wax applied to paper 1/2 in., a dragon's head issuing from a mural coronet. Endorsed: [contemp] Articles with wake Freemen for sale of timber. English, paper, 12.25 x 16.25.