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Attested copy, dated 28 April 1721, of a conveyance by lease and release ( lease missing) from John Sergeant of Lapworth yeoman to John Butwell of Tanworth yeoman of a messuage and croft in Tanworth, extending in length to a place called Platts Pitt and in breadth to land late of Edward Mountfort knight, a lane leading from Earles wood towards Warwick; also a close called Borris croft in Tanworth, adjoining the croft of the said messuage and another close and meadow lying together in Tanworth called Warners, then in the tenure of the said John Butwell; also a cottage with a garden and pool, called Pratts Pitt in Tanworth, lying between the lands of Richard Slowe and the lane leading from Earles wood to Warwick on all sides, in the tenure of Thomas Woodcock; to hold for ever. Dated 8 October 11 Anne, 1712. Witnesses: Rebecca Terry, Elizabeth Aylesbury, Edward Chipman, Thomas Aylesbury. Witnesses to copy: Banjamin Palmer, E. Makepeace. English, paper, 12.25 x 15.5 ins., 2 sheets.