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Mortgage from Richard Ebourn of Anseley near Coventry esquire and Martha his wife, at the direction of Andrew Archer of Umberslade in Tanworth esquire, to Richard Moreton of the Six Clerks Office, London, gentleman, at the nomination of and in trust for the Hon, Richard Hill of Hawkestone, Salop., esquire reciting: 1, 15 June 1698, mortgage from the said Andrew Archer to Thomas Archer, younger brother of the said Andrew, of Beldesert gentleman of the rectory and parsonage of Tanworth with all rights belonging to the same, excepting the advowson of the vicarage of Tanworth, for 500 years to secure £1,700, 2, 14 March 1706/7, assignment from the said Thomas Archer, now of Whitehall, London, gentleman, at the direction of the said Andrew Archer, to Martha Greswold of Coleshill spinster, reciting the repayment of the said £1,700 of DR37/1/1 for 500 years to secure £1,600; of the property described with land called Coppice Close, the Lea Hill, the Meadow, Stubbs, Home Close, Heather Calves Close, Wheate Close, Upper Mould, Middle Mould, Lower Mould and the Further Calves Close in Tanworth in the tenure of Hugh Black; to hold for 500 years to secure £2,500. Signed: Richard Hill. Dated 15 May 2 George I. Witnesses, endorsed: George Parks, Samuel Hill. Circular seal of black wax applied to parchment, 1/2 in., circular shield sable on a fess a mural coronet. Endorsed: [ 18th cent] Counterpart of mortgage from Mr Archer to Mr Hill for £2,500. pd cancelled 2500£. English, parchment, 31.5 x 25.5 ins., indented, 31.5 x 24 ins., 31.5 x 19 ins.