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Tanworth, Codbarrow and Nuthurst


Lease for 54 years with warranty from John Norres of Yatenden county Berkes esquire to Henry Chesshere of the manor called Codbarowehall' together with all lands, rents, services etc. in Tonworth and Nuthurst county Warr', except a pasture in Tonworth called Lyttyl Wystons with a meadow belonging to the same in the tenure of John Broun'; to hold from the following Michaelmas for 54 years for the annual rent of £9. 10s. [2 terms], the lessor having the right of distraint and the right of re-entry after 6 weeks for non-payment of arrears; the said Henry to repair all the houses on the said property at his own cost. Signed: John Norreys. Dated, 20 Henry VIII. Portion of diamond shaped seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent] Norris to Chesshere 20 H 8 for 54 [Late 16th or early 17th cent] Harry Chescher's indenter English, parchment, 151/2 x 73/4 in., indented.