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Appointment of attorney by William Lyndon of Yerdley county Wygorn dier of Henry Taylour of Sylyhull' to receive seisin of land in Tonworth called Rudescroftes in length and breadth between land lately belonging to William Brokhurst, the wood called Sarehurst, land lately belonging to William Filfort called Roseland' and the lane leading from Cleburycroswey towards the wood of the Earl of Warr' on all sides; and to deliver seisin of the same to William Lee of Kyngisnorton at lygrene and Joan his wife according to a charter made to the said William and Joan at Kyngisnorton on the last day of March 20 Henry VIII [1529]. Dated at Kyngisnorton, 21 Henry VIII. Square seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter W Endorsed: [Contemp.] To Henry taylor Latin, parchment, 113/4 x 43/4 in.