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Sale of timber by Richard Archard of Tonworth' county Warrewyk esquire to Harry Hunt of the same tannar', of wood, timber and brush on all the lands, tenements, gardens, orchard, pastures etc. which the said Harry held by lease, made 31 May 13 Henry VIII [1521] between Margaret Archard, late wife of John Archard father of the said Richard, and the said Richard to Harry Hunt, Elizabeth his wife and Thomas their son, with the right to cut the same during the term of the said lease; also the right to cut wood on Appultons Comen and Appultons Seuerall, on a certain piece of ground in Henfild adjoining Appultons Comen and on a parcel of land called Budland with the right to cut the same during the term of a deed dated 8 February 34 Henry VIII [33 Henry VIII, 1541/1542, DR 37/1/1264] according to the arbitration of Michael Dormer of London, merchant, and Fulk Grevyll esquire, arbitrators chosen by the said Richard and Harry; the said Harry having the right to cut the same at all times using wains, carts, oxen, horses and mares, without interference from the said Richard except to collect arrears of rent, and the said Richard to pay the chief rent etc.; upon the sealing of this deed the said Richard was to give to the said Harry, Harry's bond for £100 dated 13 February 33 Henry VIII [1541/1542] for arbitration by Michael Dormer knight and Fulk Grevyll esquire between Richard Archard on the one part and Harry Hunt and Richard Wescote on the other; the said Richard being bound in the penal sum of £100 to perform the said covenants. Signed: Rychard Archar' Dated on the feast of St. Clement 34 Henry VIII. Witnesses: John' Holbach and Wyllyam Holbache Circular seal of red wax on tag. English, parchment, 23 x 121/2 in., indented.