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Feoffment with warranty from Thomas Westcote of Tonworthe county Warr' wheelwryght to William Holbache, Robert Edgeworthe, Thomas Grene of Tonworthe and Richard Edwardes of the same of a messuage called Collens place in Tonworthe with all houses, buildings, gardens, orchards and 6 crofts of land and pasture called Collens lond', lying adjacent to the said messuage in Tonworthe, lying in breadth between a pasture of William Wyllyngton' esquire called Westons and a pasture of Richard Clerkson' called Swansdyche and in length between the highway leading from the church of Tonworthe to Hokleyhethe as far as the rivulet called Chakytpolebroke; to hold to the use of the said Thomas for life and then to Richard Westcote his son and his male heirs as follows: the said Richard and his male heirs, after the death of the said Thomas and Isabella his wife, to pay annually to John Westcote, eldest son of the said Thomas, 26s. 8d. at the said messuage in Tonworthe [2 terms], but if the said Richard died without such male heirs or the said male heirs did not pay the same, the said property was to pass in turn with the same conditions to Henry, William and Laurence Wescote, sons of the said Thomas, or in default to the lawful issue of the said Thomas or in default to the rightful heirs of the said Thomas for ever; to hold from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Dated, 37 Henry VIII Square seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter W Endorsed: [Witnesses to seisin] Thomas Persons, Richard Glouer, Richard Wescote, William Wescote and Roger Edgeworthe and memorandum that Henry Wescote attorned the said Thomas Grene and Richard Edwardes with 1d. Latin, parchment, 161/2 x 113/4 in., indented.